• AWOG 2018 Winners

    Thanks to all who entered and everyone who volunteered. Our 22nd year was another outstanding success!

    Congratulations to all the winners who took home some amazing prizes thanks to our generous sponsors:

    Best of Show - Beer
    Best of Show - Mead and Cider
    Light Lager
    Continental Bitter Beer
    Amber Lager
    Dark Lager
    British Ales
    Dark English Ales
    Imperial Stout
    American Pale Ale
    American Porter
    American Blonde, Amber & Brown Ale
    British Strong Ale
    American Strong Ale
    Specialty IPA
    American IPA
    New England IPA
    Belgian Ales
    Light Belgian Strong Ales
    Dark Belgian Strong Ales
    Wheat & Rye Beer
    American Wild Ale
    Fruit Beer
    Spice, Herb or Vegetable Beer
    Smoked Beer
    Wood-Aged Beer
    Specialty Beer
    Traditional Mead
    Flavored Mead
    Common Cider & Perry
    Specialty Cider & Perry
    Fruit-Specific Cider & Perry
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