NAH Members at the Dude

Mark, Dan and Tim at the Dude Hates Cancer

This is one of the most highly anticipated homebrew fundraisers in Western New York.  For the homebrewer is it a very limited homebrew competition where your beer is judged by both a popular vote and a panel of local industry experts and judges.  A combined score determines the winners.  The beer is all homebrewed and donated by the brewers for people to taste, enjoy and vote.  Proceeds from tickets benefit the Lukemia and Limphoma Society.  This event was created and is organized by Tim Maxwell and sponsored by Resurgence Brewing.  This year it is moving to a new outdoor venue in Delaware Park.  Check out the webpage for more information and tickets.  psst… there are lots of officially entered beers to taste but usually there a few surprises and secret samples too.  It’s all about fun and raising money for a great cause.  NAH will be there in force!