May 2023 Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes from 5/24/2023
President Paul Callahan presiding
Location: Santoras at Galleria Mall
1) AWOG – Will have AWOG wrap up meeting and start planning for next year.
2) Education –Mark Zambron did a “beer in a bag” demo.
3) Essential business will be brewed on June 3 rd . Zoom will be available at whatever time people
want to log in. Dan suggests 8am.
4) Socials – This months social was at Lilly Belle meads in Lancaster. Seems like everyone had a
good time and enjoyed several meads. Personal favorite was the ginger mead.
5) June 8 th social will be at Hamburg brewing for everyone who enjoys a relaxing night out in the
beer garden. July will be at Wayland, August at McCarthy’s and September at Blackbird cider on
Chandler. We will be attempting to get a cider making lesson from Blackbird. August business
meeting will be at Dan Gestwick’s to share southern English brown. I will be arranging a socials
list. If you have a place that you feel we should have a social, let me know and I will add it to the
6) John Crossett is starting to organize a study course. If you would like to be involved, contact
John. There was also a request for a mead study course. Beer study course will probably start in
7) Keith has volunteered to organize a picnic in September. The theme of Imperial stout and steak
was suggested, so start brewing those stouts now. Brian Milleville was not in attendance so it
was suggested we have the picnic at his house. Brian really needs to make it to meetings.
8) Paul will be contacting Vinnie or Colin at Flying Bison about doing Brew at the Bison in
9) Combined event with UNYHA has not started planning.
10) Erie county fair is Aug 9 th – 20 th . Mark is signing us up to have a table again. Volunteers can start
signing up with Mark.
11) Treasurers report was given. Dan wants everyone to know that if you do an education session,
you will be reimbursed for any beer or supply purchases (i.e. cups).
12) John Crossett went out to Vermont to judge the Greg Noonan homebrew memorial competition
and came home with the 1 st place BOS. Congratulations John!
13) Dude hates Cancer is August 20 th . Start brewing those beers now.
14) We are working on “Brew around the world” where we would get random ingredients from
local breweries and brew a fabulous beer with them.
15) Everyone who showed up at the business meeting received a package of Sabro cryo hops. Yeah!

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