April 2023 Business Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes from 4/25/2023

President Paul C presiding

Location: Santoras at Galleria Mall

1)     AWOG – The event was again successful. Several items were brought up and will be addressed further at the AWOG wrap up meeting.

2)     Education – No education for this meeting. Mark Z will do a “beer in a bag” demo at the May meeting.

3)     Essential business will be brewed on June 3rd. If you want in, contact Dan Gestwick immediately so he can get a kit reserved for you.

4)     Socials – This months social was lightly attended at the Griffon on Transit. The May social will be 5/11/23 at Lilly Belle meads in Lancaster. For all who are worried, they do serve beer as well.

5)     Tim C will be arranging a socials list. If you have a place that you feel we should have a social, let me know and I will add it to the list.

6)     John C is starting to organize a study course. If you would like to be involved, contact John. There was also a request for a mead study course. We will wait until after the beer study course is over to start the mead course.

7)     Future events – there are suggestions to do a summer picnic, Brew at the Bison (in September) and a mixed club event with UNYHA. If anyone would like to take the ball on any of these, contact Keith C.

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