• AWOG 2015 Winners

    Best of Show - Beer
    Best of Show - Mead and Cider
    Light Lagers
    Dark & Amber Lagers
    Light Hybrid
    Amber Hybrids
    English Bitters & IPAs
    Irish & Scottish Ales
    Scotch Ales
    American Pale Ale
    American Amber & Brown Ales
    English Brown Ale
    Dry & Sweet Stouts
    Oatmeal, Foreign and American Stouts
    Imperial Stout
    American IPA
    Imperial IPA
    Belgian & German Wheat & Rye Beers
    Belgian & French Ales
    Sour Beers
    Light Belgian Strong Ales
    Dark Belgian Strong Ales
    Strong Ales
    Fruit Beer
    Spice, Herb & Vegetable Beer
    Smoked & Wood Aged Beers
    Specialty, Historical & Experimental Beer
    Traditional Meads
    Fruit Meads
    Open Category Meads
    Common Cider & Perry
    Specialty Cider
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