• Red Mrozek Award Winners

    Congratulations to all the historical Red Mrozek Award recipients.  Larry “Red” was Tim Herzog’s original partner in starting up Flying Bison Brewing Company, and he tragically lost his life in a 1997 motorcycle accident before Flying Bison opened its doors.  That same year, the Western New York Homebrew Competition (later called “Amber Waves of Grain”) was born and since then the winner of the Strong Ales category receives a special award in Red’s honor.

    We’ve compiled this list from the records we were able to find.  For additions or corrections, please contact John Crossett <jpcrossett@gmail.com> or Tim Belczak <tbelczak@niagarabrewers.org>.

    • 1998: David Chudy
    • 1999: Ed D’Anna
    • 2000: Paul Jackson
    • 2002: Keith Curtachio
    • 2003: Ed D’Anna
    • 2004: Dan Cassetta
    • 2005: Paul Dyster
    • 2011: Shawn Kerr
    • 2012: Kyle Costello
    • 2013: Rob Sells
    • 2014: Tim Belczak
    • 2015: Rob Sells
    • 2016: Tim Belczak
    • 2017: Brian Richards
    • 2018: Greg Bogan
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