June 2022 Business Meeting

June Meeting notes

1. July 14 is our monthly social. We voted last month to move it to Thursdays as most breweries are closed early in the week.The venue is Steel Leaf Brewing Company 4545 Transit Rd, Buffalo, NY 14221.  Corey Dudish is brewing there and is doing a terrific job! Let’s make sure that we show some good support!  There was also mention at the meeting to invite the brew goddesses. Anyone with contact info can either take it upon themselves to reach out or send me the best contact and I’ll take care of it.  🙂
2. Mark Zambron is doing another terrific job at the Erie County Fair this year! I believe the window to participate, as a brewer, is between 8/10-8/23. (please correct me if I’m wrong, Doc. 🙂 Sean W. will be brewing on 8/14,  I’ll be doing a presentation comparing extract, partial mash, and all grain brewing on 8/18. Mark is doing a demo on 8/13. 
3. Thanks to all the gents who participated in the NHC this year! The slide show and recap were great! Thanks for putting that together, Brian M. Thanks to Todd for a little cool swag.  🙂  Thanks Sean, for bringing some cool hops! Nice bonus!  The slide show should be up on the new website soon, if it isn’t already 🙂 Thanks, Keith!
4. Thanks to John C. and Mark S. for a really cool comparison of ale yeasts and lager yeasts with a lager grain bill. The beers were REALLY tasty, too. 🙂  
5. On July 26 Paul C. will do a presentation on Kviek yeasts for our business meeting’s education component. 
6. Lastly, there has been a lot of contention about where our business meetings should take place. Some don’t care. For some, distance is a real factor. Some others think we should meet at a brew pub, if not a brewery. Some think that going back to hosting at different houses would be cool. Either way, our next business meeting will be hosted at the home of our generous generous, long time club member, Brian Milleville.Brian, would you please send out directions to your place?  Thanks!

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